Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau

September 12 to 13, 2020
The kids showed me that courage is not easily acquired and that you have to work incredibly hard to sustain it; they showed me that facing your fears can be hugely rewarding, and that we can choose to entertain positive images rather than negative ones.Mylène Paquette, communicator, conference speaker and adventurer – Spokesperson for the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau

Like Mylène, take inspiration in the strength of character shown by children with cancer and participate in the Circuit bleu Charles-Bruneau. The event is now 1 or 2 complete days of kayak around the island of Montreal AND simultaneously, on the last day, a super accessible 13 km course in the boat of your choice: a kayak, a canoe, or even … a paddle board in the islands of Boucherville.

The route allows the participants to view Montreal from a different vantage point, and appreciate the stunning beauty of its natural environments. Above all, the route will call upon you to dig deep and draw on every ounce of strength you have to surpass your limitations.

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$ 120 per day paddled on the Classic course

$ 60 for the last day on the Petit bleu course



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Simon Leblanc

Events Coordinator



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