Entrepreneurs of Hope are resilient and generous to our children

the Entrepreneurs of Hope is the idea of Serge Lyonnais and Joe Renda. This project is a way for the two businessmen to bring together the strength of their networks to benefit the causes that are important to them.  In May 2020, the businessmen were to invite their business network to a major fundraising dinner in support of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau. Unfortunately, the arrival of COVID-19 unfortunately changed their initial plan.

However, the Entrepreneurs of Hope, who have the well-being and health of children at heart, have decided not to give up on their fundraising efforts. In replacement of their fundraising dinner, they have set up an online Fundraising campaign on the Fondation Charles-Bruneau’s website.

To solicit the generosity of their entourage, they used technology: phone calls, social media, emails, and text messages. No effort was overlooked to raise funds from the people around them at this very special time.

To date, more than $26,000 has been raised for our cause, and there is more to come. They have until June 15 to raise a total of $30,000. With the determination we know they have, there is no doubt that they will reach their goal!

On behalf of children diagnosed with cancer, thank you to the Entrepreneurs of Hope.

Join the Entrepreneurs of Hope and give to children who are diagnosed with cancer.

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