Because it’s possible…

Indeed, a cancer-free future for children is possible. And while it isn’t yet a reality, as long as we continue to finance research and to benefit from promising advances, we will reach our desired destination. By making a donation to the Fondation Charles-Bruneau, you are contributing directly to our efforts to ensure that the 300 Québec children diagnosed with cancer every year can look forward to a healthy future. Thank you.

The road taken

Your contribution makes an enormous difference: Since 1980, the recovery rate for different types of pediatric cancer has risen from 35% to more than 80%. Children diagnosed today can count on major medical advances as they embark on their road to recovery. But it’s not yet enough.

The ultimate destination

The advances that hold the greatest promise are leading researchers towards two objectives:

  • Cure the 20% of children whose cancer is resistant to treatment;
  • Improve the quality of life of children in remission so that they can enjoy a true cure, free of side-effects and complications—a reality too seldom discussed.

Thank you for supporting their vital efforts by making a donation.

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