Tomorrow’s Medicine

Pediatric hematology-oncology research has come a long way so that 80% of children diagnosed with cancer can recover today. We must continue on this path.

That’s why the Foundation has committed in June 2021 to invest more than $25 million over five years in research to fight pediatric cancer in Quebec.

This announcement marks a milestone for Fondation Charles-Bruneau, not only for the magnitude of the investment, but also because the four pediatric oncology centres in Quebec will use their respective expertise and research teams to fight childhood cancer. The battle will be waged on all fronts: cell-by-cell analysis of cancer, simplification of diagnosis and follow-up, precision treatments (targeted therapy, cell and gene therapy), improved nursing care, screening and management of psychological distress (particularly through art therapy), and prevention of cancer’s after-effects through the promotion of healthy lifestyle habits.

The foundation’s vision and leadership will enable pediatric hemato-oncology researchers with the province’s four institutions to work together for the benefit of thousands of children and their families across Quebec.

Thanks to the research underway, tomorrow’s medicine is truly being practiced today.

Discover below the distribution of the commitment.