Tomorrow’s Medicine

For a healthy future

Pediatric hematology-oncology research has come a long way so that 80% of children diagnosed with cancer can recover today. We must continue on this path.

The Foundation recently pledged to invest $ 26 million towards pediatric cancer research, making it the largest donor in that field in Quebec.

An initial investment of $22 million is used to fund projects at the new Unité de recherche en immuno-hémato-oncologie Charles-Bruneau. For the thousands of Québec children with cancer, hope lies in research. The Fondation Charles-Bruneau has thus made a commitment to the CHU Sainte-Justine in order to achieve the first complete human genome sequencing approach. This initiative is  aimed at better targeting the features of each tumor and thus making a more accurate diagnosis, identifying the anomalies involved, and drawing on targeted therapies to treat them. This approach paves the way for the discovery of biological markers of efficacy, genetic markers that, once detected, will provide clues as to the most effective treatment to prescribe and the probable progress of the disease. The goal is to improve quality of life after recovery, free of side-effects or complications.

A second amount of $4 million supports pediatric hemato-oncologist, Nada Jabado, M.D. at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. This investment allow her team to advance children glioblastoma research, one of the most devastating forms of brain cancer.

Thanks to the research underway, tomorrow’s medicine is truly being practiced today.