Funded Research Projects

The Fondation’s investments cover four main areas: research platforms, projects, contingency fund for equipment renewal, and adjuvant therapies.

Research platforms

  • The main objectives of a platform (or research platform) are to promote locally initiated research and to accelerate the application of findings. The choice of platforms allows to go from the discovery, to the understanding of it, to finally evaluate its clinical usefulness. In other words, these platforms accelerate the benefits of research right where it’s needed, at the patient’s bedside.

See the platform supported this year in the annual report (French only)

Research projects

  • By the nature of its mission, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau must guide its decisions on a medium time scale. The research projects it supports are the result of a long and rigorous process (approval by the scientific community and the various governance bodies, creation of partnerships between institutions, financial arrangements, etc.).

See the projects supported this year in the annual report (French only)

Contingency fund for equipment renewal

  • The Fondation Charles-Bruneau is committed to make available the sum of $ 100 000 annually for the creation of a contingency fund for the fast acquisition of advanced equipment. After consultation with all the researchers at the Axe maladies immunitaires et cancers at CHU Sainte-Justine, the device selected this year is an IncuCyte S3 microscope.

Finally, in conjunction with these investment categories, the Fondation is currently financing an art therapy program that supports children going through anti-cancer treatments that are hard to withstand.