Register your Child to Serve as a Hero

It’s often said that children with cancer are able to summon incomparable strength. Their participation in our annual events is thus an invaluable gift to those lucky enough to meet them. We have everything to gain in drawing courage from these young fighters.

Unique and rewarding moments

When they take part in one of our annual events, the children-turned-spokespersons for the day feel a sense of genuine pride at being in the spotlight. They draw added energy from this positive experience to continue on their path, which too often remains fraught with obstacles.

This experience also lets families share special moments alongside our spokespersons and the many business people who have their collective hearts set on finding a cure for these children.

The extended Charles-Bruneau family includes children from all across Québec: regardless of where you live, there’s a place for you at one of our events!

How to register your child?

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