Our Spokespersons

Message from our spokespersons

All dreams can be fulfilled, and all roads stretch out before our children. The road travelled by each is not yet defined, yet it remains the brightest, most inviting, and most beautiful.

A child’s life is precious.

It must be cared for so that children can follow their life’s path.

Thanks to pediatric cancer research, thousands of Québec youth can and, increasingly, will be able to grow up healthy after being treated for cancer.

We’re pleased to chart a course with you towards a cancer-free future for children. We look forward to reaching the end of that road so that our children can grow up to become adults.

Pierre Bruneau, TVA news anchor

Paul Doucet, actor

Spokespersons for the events

Alexandre Dubé

TVA News Anchor

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Ginette Bruneau

Tour CIBC Charles-Bruneau

Mylène Paquette


Circuit bleu

Pierre Jobin

TVA News Anchor

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Yvan Martineau

Sports and tourism Journalist

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Lex Albrecht

Profesionnal cyclist

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Louis Jean

Sports journalist

Charles-Bruneau Cup

Josée Brossard


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Nicola Ciccone


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José Gaudet

Comedian and radio and TV host

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Mélanie Pilon


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Alexandre Bisaillon


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