Amazon Canada remits $67,000 to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation

 Jean-François Héroux (Director of the YUL2 site), Valérie Vigneault (Charles-Bruneau Foundation), Chadi Tannous (Operations Management Executive, transportation), comedian Neev, Sandra Stabile, and Natalia Pereira (YUL2) 

For the fourth consecutive year, members of the team at the YUL2 Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Lachine captured the Amazon Goes Gold challenge. This year, another Amazon Canada team – the one responsible for transportation management operations – won the challenge and chose to remit its award to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.  

Together, the victorious teams allowed Amazon Canada to remit the total sum of $67,000 to the Charles-Bruneau Foundation.  

An initiative in support of pediatric hemato-oncology research  

The Amazon Goes Gold challenge was held in September, in conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Under this annual global initiative, employees are invited to wear their pajamas to work for a day, in solidarity with children living with cancer, who often don their PJs during hospital stays. The Amazon Fulfilment Centre and the transportation management operations team posted the highest rate of participation in their category, thereby allowing them to win the competition 

A very special visit  

In addition to the donation, the Amazon YUL2 team invited Gerry, a patient in the Charles-Bruneau unit at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, to tour its facilities.   

Gerry and his family, accompanied during their visit by Neev and the Amazon YUL2 team. 

Alongside his parents, his brother and his sisters, Gerry was treated to a special visit from comedian Neev, star of the Prime Video series “LOL : Qui rira le dernier ?”.   

Their visit was a joyous way to mark the invaluable collaboration of a partner that shares the Charles-Bruneau Foundation’s core belief in the importance of funding research in pediatric hemato-oncology.  

A special word of thanks goes out to Jean-François Héroux, Director of the Amazon Canada YUL2 site, and to Chadi Tannous, Operations Management Executive, transportation, for motivating their respective teams to win the challenge!  

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