Tangible results in the battle against brain cancer

“With your help, we’re progressing faster, from day to day, with tangible outcomes.” – Dr. Nada Jabado, pediatric hematologist-oncologist at the Montreal Children’s Hospital (MCH)

In June 2018, The Fondation Charles-Bruneau announced a commitment of $4 million to the Montreal Children’s Hospital aimed at supporting research efforts led by Dr. Nada Jabado and her colleagues on pediatric glioblastoma, one of the most devastating forms of brain cancer. It is therefore with pride that we share with you the significant medical progress that has been made possible in part thanks to this important funding.

Two years later, the eventual benefits of their studies are so promising that they were ranked among Québec Science magazine’s TOP 10 discoveries of 2020.

To further information, please read the full article on the Québec Science website (French only). 

About the projects financed

Signature Program
These studies make it possible to carry out human genome sequencing among children and teens with cancer in order to identify the molecular characteristics of each tumour with greater accuracy. This leading-edge medical strategy paves the way for the discovery of more targeted treatments, with the objective of improving quality of life after recovery, with no side-effects or complications.

Pan-Canadian PROFYLE Program
Under this project, the laboratory conducts studies on the origins of certain brain cancers in children. To this day, brain tumours account for 34% of cancer-related deaths among children aged 0 to 14 and are among the deadliest forms of pediatric cancer in Canada and across the world.

Our commitment to the Montreal Children’s Hospital goes hand in hand with the pursuit of our ultimate objective: a childhood free of cancer.

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