[VIDEO] 5 years of remission for Florence

A few days ago, Florence, a young woman well known and greatly appreciated by the Charles-Bruneau family, rang the bell for a second time: 5 years of remission. 5 years of resilience. 5 years of hope. life.

“There are so many people who are important to me, who have had a major impact on my life. I wanted to shine a light on them. I want to celebrate this day not only for myself, but also to give a little bit of hope to everyone who wants to reach this date, which I myself have waited so long for. And in thought to all those [who will never reach it] .”

In a video co-directed with her lover Nicolas, Florence takes us on a journey through her adolescence, touched by the disease but above all illuminated by a thousand and one inspiring encounters and achievements. Six minutes of words and images that go straight to the heart! (in French only)

Procuded by H2 Productions (Florence Breton and Nicolas Hamel).

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