The #EveryoneWins Movement: A Call for Collective Solidarity on Behalf of Quebec’s Charities

Pierre Bruneau, Jean Lapointe, Jasmin Roy, Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette have joined forces to launch the #EveryoneWins movement, a broad-ranging appeal to the generosity of Quebecers. 

By mobilizing around a set of issues and concerns common to their respective foundations, their wish is to contribute to the prevailing climate of mutual assistance during this difficult period. They are thus inviting thousands of Quebec foundations and organizations to stand together in an effort to highlight their vital contributions to the common good and the quality of life of all Quebecers.

Charitable organizations have been hit extremely hard, donations have dwindled, and the social safety net has frayed. Fundraising initiatives have been cancelled, events postponed, and with donors becoming increasingly rare, charities are under a great deal of pressure. Drawing on resilience and creativity, however, they continue to adapt to the monumental challenges posed by the pandemic, reminding us that in order to mitigate the financial impacts of the crisis on the public services they offer, every dollar counts, and there is no such thing as a small donation.

The message conveyed by the #EveryoneWins movement is simple: If you can, please continue to help the causes that are dear to you, as they will give back to you.

In order to launch the movement, the Fondation Charles-Bruneau invited its founder, Pierre Bruneau, to record a video in which he speaks to the importance of offering financial support to local causes, which are essential to maintaining our social fabric.

“Together, we can limit the impacts of this unprecedented crisis, which has been especially hard on the most vulnerable among us. Foundations and organizations are there to help communities make it through this pandemic and get back on their feet. Let’s help them help us.” – Pierre Bruneau, founder of the Fondation Charles-Bruneau

In the days ahead, Jean Lapointe (Fondation Jean Lapointe), Jasmin Roy (Jasmin Roy Sophie Desmarais Foundation), Véronique Cloutier and Louis Morissette (Véro & Louis Foundation) will present their own capsules with the intention of reminding people about the fundamental role that foundations and charities play in our society.

How to participate:

  • Like the Facebook page of the #EveryoneWins movement;
  • Share videos of the public figures involved in the launch;
  • Apply the #EveryoneWins filter to your Facebook profile picture;
  • Use the hashtag #EveryoneWins in your posts;
  • Help the causes that are dear to you, as they will give back to you. #EveryoneWins

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