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Camille Rochon

Cured of acute lymphoblastic leukemia

In August of 2003, at the age of 10, Summer was in full swing and all the kids were busy running outside and enjoying the break as I’m about to go through the biggest challenge of my life. Because it was in August 2003 that I received the diagnosis that scares so many people, I had cancer…

Although it was the biggest ordeal of my life, I would not change anything. It’s life, it’s MY life. And it is through trials that you discover a force within that is greater than life. This strength came from me, but also from everyone around me who supported me, including my relatives and the staff from my school. All that was possible thanks to the awareness that was raised with each of the individuals that I met.Camille

Camille in 2003 at the time of her diagnosis.

This awareness can be done in different ways. For my part, I decided to take charge of some of the awareness around me by giving a presentation to my classmates and teachers in my school on leukemia so that they learn more about the reasons why I lost my hair, why I missed a school year, and why I had to protect myself from germs and viruses by wearing a mask…

Camille with her parents, Andrée Bolduc and Sylvain Rochon, and her brother Maxime Rochon.


This was important to me so that they understand why I was not with them that year, but also so that my return to class would be simpler and less intriguing. That’s why pediatric cancer awareness is so important.

So that all children can go back to school without worrying about the looks from their friends, their teachers, and their principals. So that all children can have a teacher at home who helps them keep up with school work. So that all children can be understood and receive the necessary help. So that by the time childhood cancer is behind us, we can, everyone, collectively, make a difference in the lives of these children.

Camille Rochon, 25, cured of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.


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